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November 12th, 2005: General meeting

The general meeting of the Hellenic Phycological Society (HPS) took place on November 12th 2005 at the conference centre of the Park Hotel in Volos, Hellas. Various matters were discussed and decisions were made for the future of the society. Minutes, group photo.

May 23rd, 2006: Workshop entitled “Algae, Human and Environment”

The event was organized by the University of Athens, Faculty of Biology and took place on May 23rd, 2006 at the Grand Hall of the University of Athens.

Guest speakers were Prof. Mathew Dring (Queens University of Belfast, Ireland), Dr. Astrid Werner (Queens University of Belfast, Ireland), Associate Professor Georgios Nikolaidis (Aristotle University of Thessalonica, Hellas) and Dr. Sotiris Orfanidis (National Agricultural Research Foundation, Fisheries Research Institute, Kavala, Hellas).

Details and photos can be viewed here and more details concerning the workshop are presented here.
Press release

The workshop started at 18:00 with a salutation from Prof. M. Demitzakis, Vice Rector of the University of Athens, followed by a short speech from Prof A. Oikonomou – Amilli, Chair of the Biology Faculty, who briefly mentioned the history of Phycology in Greece.
After Prof. A. Economou’s speech, the President of the Hellenic Phycological Society, Ass. Prof. C. Katsaros spoke about the history of the Society that was established in 1991. Since then, the Society exerts every effort to promote scientific knowledge and support experiment and applied phycology in the laboratory and at the field. Prof. Matthew Dring was the next speaker, whose work in phycology is well known in Europe and all over the world. The title of his speech was “Turning the tide against eutrophication and global warming - the potential contribution of seaweed - based technologies”. His presentation covered a broad area of algal applications such as in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and biofilters.
The next speaker, Ass. Prof. G. Nikolaides, talked about “Plant Aquacultures”. His lecture was mainly focused on algal cultivation worldwide, with emphasis in the first applications in Greece, and the nutritional value of algae compared to other edible plants.
Dr. A. Werner’s speech concerned the ability of algae to be used as biofilters to absorb nutrients from sewage treatment plants. Her data represent a part of a relative research project taking place in Belfast, Ireland. Dr. C. Katsaros and his group (Faculty of Biology, University of Athens), in cooperation with Prof. M Dring, Dr. G. Savidge, and Dr. A. Werner work on a similar project that takes place on Ios Island and is financed by the Ministry of Development, General Secretariat of Research for Technology of Greece.
The final lecture was by Dr. S. Orfanides with the title “The odyssey of marine benthic algae in time and space: changes in the biodiversity of Mediterranean in the past and today”. Dr. Orphanides gave a well documented and detailed description of the changes through the ages, in the marine flora of the Mediterranean Sea.
The event closed with a dinner at the University’s newly renovated building “Kostis Palamas”.

You can see photos here.


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